Friday, March 11, 2005

Mary's Fish Camp

There was a 45 minute wait at Mary's Fish Camp when Adam arrived (I showed up a short while later). The extremely friendly hostess, Heather, took his cell number and promised to call when the table was ready. When we returned after her call, we still had to wait a few minutes while a party paid its check and the table was cleared. However, our stint standing by the door gave us a good view into the open kitchen. The restaurant is not particularly large and flows casually from table seating to counter seating to the open kitchen beyond. The whole place has a casual, un-New York (in a good way) feel that lacks any pretension. Instead, the three waitresses exude good humor, with a certain un-urban cheerfulness. (This not-from-the-city vibe was reinforced when our waitress asked if we knew what we wanted for "supper").

After a brief consultation with the waitress, we decided on what we wanted to order. We quickly settled on cockles with lemon butter garlic broth. The broth was delicious and we asked for bread to mop it up. The conch chowder was eliminated after the waitress told us it contained bacon (an ingredient also removed from our scallop entree), so we settled on a salad. The salad was good, but a sort of tomato compote came on the side on toast and was inadequately distributed throughout the salad.

Our entrees were lobster pot pie and scallops on a bed of risotto (a special). The lobster pot pie was excellent, a perfectly decadent comfort food. The pastry top was flaky without being too dry, and the filling was a rich, creamy blend of vegetables and large bites of lobster meat. The scallops were well seared, and the risotto was very good, despite the removal of the bacon. We were stuffed by the end of the meal, but I couldn't resist ordering banana pudding (complete with Nilla wafers). I've loved banana pudding since I was little and my grandmother use to make it for me, and Mary's was good, though perhaps would have been better if I'd left off the whipped cream. We left with the happy feeling of lots of good food and a friendly atmosphere.


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