Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Mercadito - again

I've already talked about Mercadito, so I'm not going to make this long. However, we've been back twice since my original post: brunch w/ Beth and dinner w/ Joe and Will.

The brunch menu is pretty limited, but its biggest attraction is that it's pretty different from most NYC brunch places. Adam got an Mexicany egg sandwich, and I got pancakes with manchego and strawberries. They were very good, though I couldn't really taste the cheese (which is really too bad). Not my favorite brunch by any means (Public is probably winning that), but a nice change of pace with some great drinks. The fruit mojitos (pineapple, mango, blueberry, or strawberry) make for good brunch or dinner drinks.

When we returned for dinner, we called ahead and were told we could have a table at 8:00pm. While they don't take officially reservations for small parties (though I've heard rumors that this is starting?) and it was a Friday night, we waited an hour and fifteen minutes before being seated. We wouldn't have bothered to wait except that we kept being told it would only be another five or ten minutes. We passed the first hour at a bar across the street (calling to check in periodically), and by that point the sunk cost kept us there. However, to the restaurant's credit, we were comp'd a trio of guacamole and a round of drinks (preordered while we were still waiting so they hit the table immediately). We ordered many duplicate/similar dishes when we returned for dinner, but the one appetizer I want to recommend is the queso fundido with mushrooms. It was FANTASTIC! It was sooo cheesy and the mushrooms were wonderfully savory. Order it!


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