Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A week of deliciousness - Part II - Public

Beth stayed over Friday night, and the three of us decided to go out to brunch before she took the train to the burbs and I went to work. Adam and I had been wanting to try Public, even having gone by one Sunday afternoon, but it's perennially popular these days and the wait was too long. Because it was early and a Saturday, there wasn't a wait when we got there around 11:30ish.

The room is airy and interesting, with oil lamp scones (not lit in the morning, I bet they're nice at night) and odd (but kind of cool) awning over our table. Menus show up on clipboards. Paul pointed out a week later (after his brunch there with Natasha) that there's a school theme, which makes sense given the name but I hadn't really noticed.

The menu is interesting, with standard brunch fare (pancakes, french toast, eggs) and more interesting breakfasty variations. We were brought 3 small, deliciously biscuity scones. I didn't use to like scones, since the coffee shop variety always seem hard and dry as rocks. These were a lovely little snack, and I ate Beth's when she didn't want it.

Adam got the sweet potato and feta tortilla with minted lemon raita. It was FANTASTIC, a great blend of creaminess from the raita, tangy feta cheese, and sweet, smoky (paprika) potatoes. I got the "Corn, saffron, and blueberry pancakes with poached quince, fresh ricotta, and sweet red wine syrup." I'd expected this dish to be an assortment of distinct pancakes (one cornmeal, one blueberry, etc). Not quite sure where I got this idea, but instead the batter contained all three ingredients, and they were very good. Just enough fruit (and corn kernels...weird, I know, but I happen to like corn!) to distribute properly into every bite, and the quince was a nice sweet complement. Beth got yogurt and fruit, I believe, but we didn't try it.

Our total check came to about $40 (including coffee for them and juice for me). I've gotten so used to trendiness equally expense that it was a nice surprise to find how cheap Public was. Service was fast, which was good considering that it started to snow around noon, making Beth increasingly anxious about making her 12:3something train. The large plate glass windows gave us a great view to the street outside as it quickly covered with a layer of white. There were plenty of things on the menu that I wanted to try, making me excited to go back.


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